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Protect your interests and your content

Terms & Conditions (also called ToS – Terms of Service, Terms of Use or EULA – End User License Agreement) set the way in which your product, service or content may be used, in a legally binding way. They are crucial for protecting your content from a copyright perspective as well as for protecting you from potential liabilities.

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Not providing proper terms and conditions can be a high risk

Terms give you the opportunity to make the law work for you. They set the rules for how users may interact with your service, product, or site and protect you from potential liabilities and service abuses. One common scenario in which terms are absolutely vital is in the case of e-commerce — where customers must be made aware of the business owner’s rules relating to return, withdrawal or cancellation policies.

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What types of businesses can it work for?

Our solution works for businesses of any size, from the single blogger to enterprise level organizations. It’s optimised for e-commerce, marketplace, SaaS, blogs, publications and more.Full legal overview

How it works

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1. Guided set-up

Not sure what you need to include? We guide you through the creation process with questionnaire-style prompts, helpful hints, and explanations to help you include everything you need. The resulting documents are specific to your situation and fully customizable.

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2. Easy integration

Integrate with your site or app by using one of our widgets, direct link or text embed via JS or API. The document is hosted on our servers so that our international legal team can always keep it up-to-date with the latest in consumer, business and privacy law.

5 reasons why we host your documents

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3. Manage and auto-update

Need to add a new clause to your document? Launching a new product or expanding to a new language? Use our central dashboard to review, manage and modify your documents whenever you want, while relying on our legal team to push changes and notify you if the law changes.

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Attorney-approved internationally

Our solution has been reviewed and approved both by our in-house team of lawyers and by trusted third-party law-firms internationally.