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Qurban Campaign

Why the Qurban Campaign?

Qurban is an Islamic ritual and practice. By means of such campaigns, we help people fulfil this religious task and, at the same time, distribute Qurban meat shares to those in need. According to data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the annual meat consumption per capita is 4 kg in Bangladesh, 4.4 kg in India, 6.3 kg in Sri Lanka, 7.8 kg in Mozambique, 8.1 kg in the Gambia, 8.5 kg in Ethiopia, 8.8 kg in Nigeria and 9.6 kg in Tanzania.

With annual Qurban Campaigns, Hasene Organization delivers Qurban meat shares to millions of people in need, in more than 100 countries and regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pool System?

The qurban campaign works with the Pool System. Thanks to this system, we can cut in places where the qurban share price is less than £90, as well as in places where the share price is over £90.

In Which Country Is my Qurban sacrifice?

Due to the Pool System, we do not send a message such as in which country it was cut. The main thing is to cut the number of qurban shares we bought. This is also happening.

Does the Qurban Come Out Information?

It is sent to all of our donors, who provide contact information and contact information, either by sms or by e-mail. We also inform our donors who provide their addresses by post as a card.

How can I donate qurbans?

On our page You select the Sacrifice section from the Donate section. You select the Sacrifice Campaign section under this section and you determine the amount of aid you will make. Then, you click the continue button and enter your information completely on the page that opens, making your payment.

As a second option; You can fill in the information in the flyer below and send it to us.

Also country and You can also start the process by contacting our country and regional representatives .

How can I give the Attorney?

On our sacrificial envelopes there is a statement that the attorney was taken. In addition, when donations are made with the intention of sacrifice, a proxy is given for you, and a proxy is received for those of us who receive the donation. The main thing here is intention. Otherwise, trying to take power of attorney from tens of thousands of people will put such a large organization in terms of operability.