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Water Well


Water, which makes up two thirds of the human body, is an indispensable resource for life. 1 in 6 of the world population cannot reach healthy water. Millions of people die annually due to unhealthy water use. People living in Africa have to travel for hours to get to the water; the water reached is only muddy water created by rain water or dirty water sources such as stream and pond. Children who support their families for water supply have to disrupt their education.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to open the water well?

It can last from 6 months to 8 months.

May I have information about the water well I opened?

Yes, we send a well report to our donors who donate 500 € or more. The sent file contains photos of the well, as well as the number of people benefiting from the well and some technical information.

How can I participate in this project?

You select the Water Well section from the Donate section on our page . You choose one of the categories suitable for you under this section and you determine the amount of aid you will provide. Then, you click the continue button and enter your information completely on the page that opens, making your payment. Thus, your well donation record reaches us. The process is proceeding as stated in the “Water Well Donation Registration Process”.

As a second option; You can fill out the information in the flyer below and send it to us.

You can also start the process by contacting our country and regional representatives .

What does the Water Well Fund mean?

We collect well donations of 500 € or less in this fund. We meet the water well repair and deficiencies from this fund. No file is sent for donations to this fund.

What does “Partial Assistance” mean in the water well?

Our philanthropists, who can not open the well alone but donate partial amounts of 500 € or its multiples, come together in this type of aid. Our donors in this group can give the water well the name they want and they are sent to the water well file.

Do you guarantee water well?

We complete all the shortcomings of the water wells that we have drilled for 2 years, and also cover the necessary repair costs.