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According to the report of the International Labor Organization (ILO); 152 million children in the world have to go to school, but they have to go to work. Especially in underdeveloped and underdeveloped countries, children have to support their families at the age they need to receive education as a compulsory result of economic difficulties.

Education project; is carried out to prevent this backwardness in education. It is aimed to help those who are in need in the field of education and move them from passive aid to a position that stands on their own feet and produces them using their own means. Educational projects have the quality of teaching fish, not fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contribute to Education Projects?

You select the Education section from the Donate section on our page . You choose which of the options under this section you want to support and you determine the amount of aid you will provide. Then, you click the continue button and enter your information completely on the page that opens, making your payment.

You can also get your donations by contacting our country and regional representatives .

What does Orphan Education Support Fund mean?

The orphan is to support an orphan with a minimum amount of € 35 per month, at least for one year. All donations made in this field, except the orphan, are collected in the orphan fund and spent for the general needs of the orphans. Holiday gifts for orphans, school needs, clothes, etc. aids are provided from this fund. We do not send orphan files to donors who help the orphan fund.