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Food Package Campaign

Why the Food Package Campaign?

Droughts, wars, natural disasters and hunger resulting from financial crisis threaten human lives on a global scale. According to the data from the United Nations, worldwide about 815 million people are suffering from starvation. In dozens of countries, officials warn that the hunger level has reached a ‘critical’ and ‘alarming’ level. People are losing their lives due to droughts and starvation.

Let your food package fill tables, Let the oppressed smile.

With our Food Package Campaign, we deliver food packages in dozens of countries to tens of thousands people in need before the Holy Month Ramadan and during other months, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in the food packages?

Food packages generally contain basic foodstuffs such as rice, pasta, lentils, oil, sugar, flour, milk powder, tea, juice and dates. Food contents vary according to the foodstuffs consumed in the countries distributed.

How can I participate in food campaign?

In Hadîs-i sheriffs, it is stated which amount and how much of the amount will be given. However, since there was a difference in the scales at that time and a change in the use of goods, Islamic scholars stated that the amount of today should be at least one person’s daily food needs. The amount of fit per person is currently £10.

How can I donate food package?

On our page From the Donate section, you select the Food section. You prefer the Food Campaign section under this section and you determine the amount of aid you will make. Then, you click the continue button and enter your information completely on the page that opens, making your payment.

As a second option; You can fill in the information in the flyer below and send it to us.

Also country and You can also start the process by contacting our country and regional representatives .