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In the research conducted by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF); More than 140 million children worldwide are living as orphans and orphans due to war and natural disasters. Orphans, who are unattended and vulnerable, can fall into the networks of evil-oriented forces such as organ mafia and human traffickers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the guarantor of the orphan?

The guarantor period is at least one year, and with the declaration of the donor to support more than a year, the orphan continues until he or she stands on his own feet. If the orphan supporter wants his support to be stopped a year later, he / she should inform us in writing (also by e-mail).

Do you send information about the orphan that I support?

With a monthly amount of € 35, we send a file containing information about the orphan to each orphan supporter who supports orphans for at least one year. The sent file includes the city, family, school and personal information of the orphan together with the photo of the orphan.

When do you send the orphan file?

Orphan files are sent to the orphan guarantor between 3 and 6 weeks.

How can I join the Orphan Project?

You select the Orphan section from the Donate section on our page . You prefer the Orperson’s Office section under this section and you determine the amount of aid you will make according to the number of orphans you will receive. Then, you click the continue button and enter your information completely on the page that opens, making your payment. Thus, your orphan donation record reaches us. The process is proceeding as stated in the “Orphan Donation Registration Process”.

As a second option; You can fill in the information in the flyer below and send it to us.

You can also start the process by contacting our country and regional representatives .

What does Orphan Fund mean?

The orphan is to support an orphan with a minimum amount of € 35 per month, at least for one year. All donations made in this field, except the orphan, are collected in the orphan fund and spent for the general needs of the orphans. Holiday gifts for orphans, school needs, clothes, etc. Aids such as these are covered by this fund. We do not send orphan files to donors who help the orphan fund.