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Hasene Humanitarian Aid UK was established with the slogan of “Hand in Hand for the Oppressed and Victims” to reach out to those in need around the world. Hasene means goodness, beauty and charity as a word meaning. The association carries out activities in various fields to increase goodness and beauty on earth, to share, solidarity and solidarity. With the activities it has done; Hasene Association, which is the name and address of the interest, compassion and help to extend to the oppressed, victims and needy in different continents and countries and regions of the world, takes care of the basic needs and rights of people; continues its activities in line with the creation of a life worthy of human dignity.


Association Service Hasen giving up its branching activities to walk more healthy, as well as Europe’s more than ten countries, Australia and Canada, also continued to expand its service area with representation network, which was established by the logged and voluntary branches in Turkey. Hasene Association, which provides means to reach goodness, charity and aid to four continents of the world with its hundreds of thousands of donors; It carries out its aid activities for the construction of a dignified life and continues its efforts to realize long-term and permanent projects.

Hand in hand for suffered and oppressed


Our Association, our Prophet (SAW) ‘s “ The best of people is beneficial to people. “It carries out its activities with the mission of bringing aid to the oppressed and victimized people, orphans and orphans, those in need, from food to education, from health to housing. The association, which carries out relief activities by volunteer observers, acts as a bridge between owners and those living in poverty.


Our association, by activating the opportunities that are not used in oppressed and victimized geographies, contributes to people to stand on their own feet. It shapes its works with the idea of contributing to the production of a permanent solution by creating permanent projects, thus contributing to the development of countries and regions.


1. Reliability | Loyalty to Safety

It receives the donations made under the responsibility of safety; It delivers to its place with a meticulous work that will establish the trust of the benevolent.

2. Transparency

It works in line with the principle of transparency in the issue of donations and conducts its activities with accountability. It monitors campaigns and projects through observers selected from supporters.

3. The best way to transport

He does help in the best way, without offending the personalities of the people who are being helped. While giving, it acts with the consciousness of giving in the best way.

4. Informing

Explains where and how the aids are provided in a way to inform the public with news, bulletins and reports; In this way, it provides information about the victimization experienced in different geographies of the world.

5. Neutrality

As a matter of impartiality principle, it helps the oppressed and victims and those who have been in a difficult situation, regardless of religion, language, race, sect and colour.

6. Creating Sensitivity

It creates sensitivity by keeping the sensitivity of solidarity, solidarity and sharing in the society alive.

7. Use of resources

When using resources, it is based on need. While making the aids, it searches and finds the real people in need and realizes the aid accordingly.

8. Fast action

It quickly reaches the crisis area in emergency aid

9. Relationship development

Establishing a link between the societies with the work done and contributing to the development of the inter-communal relationship by performing the task of getting to know each other.

10. Upliftment

With the training and development projects offered, it aims to move the people of the countries and regions, which are helped, from the passive position receiving aid, to stand on their own feet and even to the aid-giving position. Alternative livelihoods for the development of the people of the country and the region provide support through opening business and vocational schools.