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Zakat of Gold, Silver and Coins

1. The Number of Gold and Silver:

The quorum of gold and silver is 80 grams according to size and the quorum of silver is 560 grams. Anyone who owns more than 80 grams of gold or 560 grams of silver or equivalent money or commodity, more than his debt and essential needs, is liable for zakah if a year has passed. The proportion of zakah in gold, silver and money is one in forty, that is 2.5%. Accordingly, two grams below 80 grams and 14 grams of zakat are required for 560 grams of silver.

2. Zakat of Zinet Item:

Zakat is required when the amount of jewelery for gold or silver jewelery sets, tables, bowls, spoons, forks and the like is reached. Because gold and silver are growing goods, they are prepared for trade as creation. In addition, these are in essence the quality of being a sales price (semen). Therefore, the owner is obliged to give the zakat of them, whether they are available as ingots, cast or ornaments for people.

3. Query Completion:

Gold, silver, money and trade goods are added to the other in quorum completion. Accordingly, if a person has some gold and silver, and some merchandise, the sum of them is forty-one zakah, forty-one zakat is required.

4. Out of Low Gold and Silver:

Gold or silver, which is mixed with lower value minerals, is called “mash”. Like mixing gold with silver or silver with copper.
When gold and silver are found to be mixed with another mine, gold becomes gold, if silver is very silver. If the mixed mine is more than half, if the gold or silver part reaches the quorum, or if it does not, there is another money or trade property, then the zakah is calculated accordingly. Other mining parts are also taken into consideration from these commodities. If the gold or silver part of these do not reach the quorum, all of them will be in the property of trade.
When gold and silver are completed with one another, they are subject to zakah of whichever weight is heavy. If gold is too much; If silver is more, their zakahs are calculated over silver.

5. Zakat of Paper Money:

Coins and coins are the coins used in exchange of goods instead of gold and silver coins. These have become the selling price (semen) of the item today. For this, when the quorum reaches the amount, zakah is assumed in a ratio of forty to one hundred, as well as gold and silver. It is more appropriate to base the gold quorum in money. Because gold is essential in today’s money transactions.

6. Zakat of Receivables:

The receivables of cash, which are at the embezzlement of others and have reached the quorum, are divided into three parts regarding being subject to zakah.

a) Strong Receivables:
The loans given as debts, the receivables that are the price of the trade goods sold to the vertebra, will be strong receivables if the debtor accepts his debt or if the debt can be proved with sound documents. When these are collected, the zakat of previous years are given.

b) Claims on Medium Degree:
Trade receivables are not receivables arising from the sale of goods or animals grazing in the pasture for more than half of the year. In such debts, the aging period starts from the date of the occurrence of the debt under the embezzlement of the tenant or customer and it is necessary to give zakat for the years to pass.

c) Weak Claims:
Something will take over someone else without money. In this way, it will take the price of the women and the diet that will be taken from women in the city, inheritance, testament, contracted divorce. It is not necessary to give zakat unless such a quorum is obtained from such receivables and a year has passed.
As a result; it is obligatory to give zakat from each of these receivables. However, the payment is assumed at the time of receipt. It is necessary to give zakat for strong receivables when one fifth of the quorum is received, and for medium and weak receivables when the quorum is received. On the other hand, since weak receivables that are not worth a price have the quality of making a new profit, one year must pass.