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Zakat of Building and Industrial Facilities

Today, capital has turned to other directions in order to provide more regular income other than land and trade. These include plants, shops, inns, apartments, warehouses and factories for production, buses, trains, planes, ships, trucks and similar vehicles, cattle and poultry farms for transportation. These are all investments made for income without growth and development. Therefore, it is necessary to give zakat from their income and profits. For example, a person with a rental income of € 100,000 and a monthly income of € 10,000 is required to pay for his income over his rent, rather than the value of the home. The annual wit of such a house is: 10,000 €: 40 = 250 €.

On the other hand, in some cases, commodity and rental income can be collected in one good. If a contractor temporarily rents out some of the apartments it will sell, the quality of their commercial property does not change.

For example again; The one with ten passenger buses gives zakat from their income. However, if he decides to sell three of them during the year, it will not prevent them from being considered as trade goods until the buyer comes out.

The factory building, which does not have the quality of reproduction and reproduction of industrial facilities, machinery, lodgings, service vehicles, warehouses and real estates that these facilities are built on, are not subject to zakat as we contacted when explaining the zakat of companies. Perhaps the cash that remained after the debt was deducted from the revolving fund of this institution at the end of the year, solid receivables, raw materials and manufactured goods, etc. economic values ​​with the characteristic of development and increase are subject to zakah.

If the company has invested in some real estates for commercial purposes or to convert it to cash when necessary, they enter into zakah based on its value.