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Zakat in Sunnah

The following hadiths are proofs that zakah is obligatory:

“Islam is built on five fundamentals. One of them is to give zakat.”

(Bukhari, Iman, 1,2; Muslim, Iman, 19-22; Tirmidhi, Iman, 3; Nesei, Iman, 3.)

Our Prophet (saas), Muaz b. When Cebel (ra) sent him to Yemen as governor, he said the following words:

“Let them know that Allah Talala made them think of zakah. Take zakat from their rich and give it to those in need. “

(Bukhari, Zakat, 1; Abu David, Zakat, 5; Nesai, Zakat, 46; Ibn Mace, Zakat, 1.)

For centuries, all mujadid scholars have agreed that zakat is a supposed worship. Zakat is a financial worship that every Muslim who is a taxpayer must give once a year. It is for this reason that anyone who denies Zakat is obligatory comes out of religion . Undoubtedly, it is the sinner who accepts the obedience of zakat without any doubt.