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Who Is Zakat Given?

“Charity (zakahs) are reserved as a fard of Allah, but only to the poor, to those who are to be warmed, to civil servants (who are collecting zakat), to those whose hearts are to be warmed (to Islam), to those who try to jihad in the way of Allah, and to passengers. God knows very well, has wisdom. “

(The time of repentance, 9:60)

According to the case-law of the ulama, zakat can be distributed equally to the eight classes in the verse or it can be given to one or more classes according to the conditions.

Zakat and fitrah are not only the right of the poor, but there are other groups that are entitled to Zakat. Therefore, a fair distribution must be made among the understated. The practice of zakat is considered as a social worship in the history of Islam. Therefore, a social organization was deemed necessary to prevent the personality of the poor and other needy people from being offended. This social organization is also a task, as mentioned above.

Therefore, to students in need of higher education and other students who study; The religious and cultural education of our children in Europe; service works carried out to support education; the poor, widows and orphans who have no income, and those who have been on the road; poor patients who cannot be treated due to financial difficulties; schools, foundations and hospitals in need; to victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods; To those in need who serve Islam and Muslims; Due to the wars, the expenses of all institutions and all charity groups are spent on the need of all institutions and people who are victims and victims and immigrants.