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What’s Adaq ?

Votive means making yourself necessary to do a mubah for the sake of Allah, even if it doesn’t have to be done. Votive is to promise Allah to make a deed a duty by another recipe. Votives made for the sake of Allah are the deeds that must be fulfilled and are valid for Allah.

In Allah Almighty, the Quran says, “Let them practice their admiration.” (Surat al-Hajj, 22:29) has commanded.

What is devoted must be in worship. For example, “I will fast for three days.”, “I will pray as much.” It is permissible and authentic to make a votive saying. Votions are divided into two parts: conditional (outstanding) and non-conditional (illegitimate) votives.

These types are also divided into several parts among themselves, as the Nezir is divided into conditional and non-conditional forms.

1) Conditional votives (outstanding votives):

Votions connected to the realization and execution of some issues. For example: “If my illness passes and I recover, I will fast as much.” or “I’m going to sacrifice so much.” votive made in the form of. Sometimes there are votives that depend on not doing or doing anything.

For example: “If I talk to anyone or something, I will be tempted to do this worship.” votive shaped.

Whenever these connected conditions occur, it is necessary to fulfill the dedication. If the devotee is done before the bound condition is met, for example, “If I have this job, I will fast as much.” If the devoted fasting is kept before the work is done, then the bound condition is formed, the previously fasted fasting must be re-held.

2) Unconditional votives (absolute votives):

Such votives are also divided into two as specific (specific) votives or non-specific (non-specific) votives. For example, “I will fast next Thursday.” unconditional certain votive; “I will fast for ten days.” The votive made by saying, is an unconditional votive.

No matter what kind of votive, these voting must be fulfilled. If not, the debtor will remain. The determined place, person and quantities can be changed.