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What is Aqeeqah?

The first hair on the head of a newborn is called akika. Seven days after the birth of this child, the victim who was cut after his hair was partially or completely shaved and named after him, is also called the victim of akıka.

Akika victim is an application fixed by circumcision. Hz. Aisha (ra) tells: “The Messenger of God ordered us to sacrifice two sheep for boys and one sheep for girls as’ akiki” (Ibn Mâce Sünen, Hadith No: 3163 and 1515). Aisha (ra) tells: “Our Prophet (saas) cut the victims and named them on the seventh day of the birth of their grandchildren Hasan and Huseyin.” (Translation of Tecrid-i Sarih, XI, 401)

According to the Hanafi victim Hanafi sect, mendup; According to the other three great imams, it is sunnah Akîka victim can be cut from the day of birth of the child until the age of puberty. But it is more effective to cut it on the seventh day. The child is named on the seventh day and the hair of his head is cut and weighed in gold or silver.

The conditions sought in animals to be slaughtered as Akîka victims are the conditions sought in other victims. Just as anyone who cut Akıka from the meat of Akıka victim can eat it, households also benefit from this meat. Some of them are approved by those in need.