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The Verdict Of Not Providing Zakat

Failure to exercise Zakah causes both worldly and peripheral punishments. The following verses and hadiths point to the earthly harms of not exercising zakat.


“Those who show stinginess of what Allah has given to them (in disbelief) should not think that he is good for them; on the contrary, this is very bad for them. What they are stingy will go around their necks on the Day of Resurrection. The legacy of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah. God is aware of all you do.”

(Surat al-Imran, 3: 180)

“Have you seen the religious denier? Here he pushes orphans; does not encourage the poor to feed; Shame on those who pray, they do not take their prayers seriously. They are showing off, and they will stop good.”

(Surat Mahogany, 1-7)

Hadith-i sheriffs:

“If charity (zakat) is involved in a good, that property will be destroyed.”


“Whoever does not give the zakat of the good, Allah (cc) will remove his protection from his good.”

(Lebanese Hadith)

We can summarize the warnings understood from the verses and hadiths mentioned above:

1. In the zakat, if Allah’s order is reversed and stingy, Allah (cc) is said to take this duty from us and give it to another society.

2. It is stated that whatever zakat is involved in, it will destroy it.