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Animal Zakat

In addition to being domesticated, animals subject to zakah must be of six types: sheep, goat, cattle, buffalo, camel and horse. According to Abu Hanifa, zakah is obliged to horses. According to Abu Yûsuf and Imam Mohammed, there is no need for zakat horses. This is the second view that is essential to fatwa. Zakat is not required for mules, donkeys and deers.

The following conditions must be fulfilled in order to give zakat from animals: (İbnu’l Hümam, Fethu’l Kadir, C.1, Shf. 494; İbn Kudame, el-Mugni, C.2, Shf. 575-577, 591-596)

a) The animals that will be subject to zakah are domesticated.
b) The number of animals reaching the quorum we will announce later.
c) A year has passed over the animals as the property of its owner.
d) In most of the year, the animal is fed to the saime, that is, in the pastures and pastures in the countryside, oats, feed, etc. at home. not to be fed with animals. The provision of animals for trade becomes like other trade goods.

1. Zakat of Sheep and Goats:

Less than forty of the sheep and goats herd, who are permanent, do not zakat. The number of sheep and goats will be forty, and zakat will be assumed if one year passes. One sheep from 40 to 120, two sheep from 121 to 200, three sheep from 201 to 399 are given zakat. Four sheep need zakat for 400 sheep. After that, another sheep is given for each face. The number between the upper and lower boundaries of the slices in which the amount of zakat has increased has been donated and is not subject to zakah. Goats are like sheep.

2. Zakat of Cattle and Buffalo:

The proportion of cattle animals that are permanent is thirty. Less than that is not required. A male or female calf aged two years old is given as zakat from thirty cattle to forty cattle. A male or female calf aged three years old is given from forty cattle to sixty cattle. Two calves that are one year old are given from sixty cattle. Then zakah is given for calf calf every thirty and calf calf every forty. With regard to zakat, cattle and buffalo are considered the same species.

3. Camels Zakat:

No less than five of Saime camels are allowed. One sheep is given for five camels who are over one year old. More than nine camels are exempt. One sheep is given in every five camels from ten camels to twenty camels. He is exempt from twenty to twenty four zakah. From twenty-five to thirty-five camels; A female camel cub who is two years old is given. From thirty-six camels to forty-five; A female camel who is three years old is given. From forty six camels to sixty; A female camel who is four years old is given. From sixty camels to seventy-five camels; A female camel, who is five years old, is given. It is necessary to give two female camels, who are three years old, from seventy-six camels to ninety. From ninety to one hundred and twenty; Two female camels who are four years old are given. From one hundred and twenty camels to one hundred and forty-five; A sheep is given in every five camels with two camels such as four years old. From a hundred forty-five camels, up to 224, they continue as ten steps.

Animals obtained as commodities are subject to zakat of commodity.